Faced with the constant emergence of new risks and opportunities, companies need to be able to quickly mobilize the right resources at the right time. This requires knowing how to demobilize and deactivate projects that have become less relevant in a timely manner. Priorities must therefore be continuously re-evaluated! Failing to regularly plan and re-assess projects based on their current usefulness carries two major risks
  1. The risk of sunk cost fallacy by persisting on less urgent initiatives, due to a lack of managerial courage to deprioritize them and reallocate resources.
2. The frustration of teams having to constantly do more with limited means. This is where Aldecis’ Reactive Insight solution proves extremely useful. Its artificial intelligence algorithm for super prioritization, operating on a multidimensional database, allows dynamic selection of the most critical current projects. Its multi-axis, multi-level data analysis capabilities finely detect where the real risks and opportunities lie. Reactive Insight’s visual and explanatory reporting highlights hidden anomalies and performance drivers. This provides decision-makers with an objective view to reallocate resources to initiatives with the most potential positive impact. Reactive Insight also reduces human biases that can paralyze difficult decisions to divest projects. In summary, the predictive analysis and actionable insights enabled by Reactive Insight are a major asset for continuously re-allocating/deactivate resources to emerging priorities. This delivers a decisive competitive advantage in a constantly evolving environment.

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