Reactive Insight: from Lean Reporting to Decision Intelligence

Meet Reactive Insight, the Double-Edged Disruptive Force That Elevates Your BI Tech Platform

Firstly, through automated detection of all insights
Our AI algorithms meticulously scan your Data Warehouse, capturing all informational nuggets—including those often overlooked by traditional dashboards (that are manually managed, thus spanning only limited dimensions simultaneously).

Then, “Lean Reporting” highlights key findings on a single page. The report not only prioritizes your insights but also deciphers them into understandable language through explainable AI. Finally, it aids in identifying root causes and preparing for corrective action plans and initiatives.

So, by automating and focusing the analysis on key points, Reactive Insight gives you the competitive edge to unveil early warning signs.

Your challenge

How to transform this sea of information into actionable, profit-driving insights ?


Inadequate Insight Detection


“Are Your Tools Spitting Out Endless Data But Leaving You To Fish For Actual Insights? You Need More Than Just Raw Information.”

Elevate Your Analytics: From Data to Insights with Laser Accuracy

“Your current tools may provide a wealth of data, but discovering actionable insights often remains a manual chore. With Reactive Insight, turn your data haystack into a treasure map. We auto-identify the insights so you can focus on strategizing, not searching.”


Time-Consuming Manual Analysis


“Is Your Analytics Team Spending More Time Finding Insights Than Actually Acting On Them?”

Unlock Precious Man-Hours: Automated Analysis for Swift Decisions

“Manual analysis can be incredibly time-consuming, leaving little room for proactive decision-making. Reactive Insight’ automation capability liberates your analytics team, enabling them to focus on value-added tasks.”


Risk and Opportunity Blind Spots


“Is Your Current Analysis Providing a Narrow View, Missing Crucial Business Aspects?”

Multi-Dimensional Awareness: No Blind Spots

“Traditional analytics often provide a myopic view of your business. Reactive Insight ensures that you see the entire field—capturing geographical trends, product-type nuances, and more.”


Overwhelming Data without Effective Prioritization


“Are You Drowning in a Sea of Data, Struggling to Spot the Really Crucial Points?”

Clarity in Chaos: Prioritizing Data that Matters

“In today’s world, too much data can muddle the waters. Reactive Insight sifts through the noise, focusing your attention on the data that truly impacts your bottom line.”

Ineffective Action Plans


“Does Translating Insights into Actionable Plans Feel Like Solving a Complex Puzzle?”


From Insights to Impact: Actionable Plans Made Simple

“Recognizing insights is just half the battle. Reactive Insight helps you convert these insights into concrete action plans, effectively targeting the root causes for a lasting impact.”

Limited Variance Analysis


“Does ‘Actual vs. Budget’ No Longer Cut It For You?”


Beyond the Obvious: A New Standard in Variance Analysis

“Conventional variance analysis lacks nuance and depth. With Reactive Insight, explore richer, more meaningful analytics that go far beyond the basics.”


Data Quality Concerns


“Is Dirty Data Clouding Your Judgment and Leading You Down the Wrong Path?”


Integrity at the Core: Clean Data for Accurate Insights

“Poor data quality can sabotage your insights and lead to misguided decisions. Reactive Insight places a premium on data integrity, ensuring your analysis is accurate and reliable.”


Inability to Continuously Improve


“Is Stagnation in Analysis Stifling Your Business Growth?”


Never Stand Still: Continuous Improvement for Evergreen Success

“A static analytics approach can stifle your growth. Reactive Insight fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve.”


Shaky Justification for Plans


“Struggling to Gain Stakeholder Buy-In Due to Lack of Data-Backed Proposals?”


Ironclad Proposals: Stakeholder Buy-In Made Easy

“Without strong, data-backed insights, persuading stakeholders to support your action plans can be a major hurdle. Reactive Insight equips you with solid justifications, making buy-in a breeze.”

Our solution


Reactive Insight: From Lean Reporting to Decision Intelligence :

I.DeepDetectAutomatic Anomaly Detection 
(First “Lean Reporting” solution that automates discovery
of all Performance Measurement insights)
Never miss a critical data point. DeepDetect automatically unearths risks and opportunities in your data. 
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II.DeepRoot: AI-Generated Action Plans 
(Transform all insights into Action Plans, by investigating the Root Cause & building tailored Action Plans)
Go beyond insights. DeepRoot converts data points into profit-centric actions, customized for your business.
#GenerativeAI #RetrievalAugmentedGeneration(RAG) #PersonaSimulated
#KnowledgeGraph #VectorSearch

Why Reactive Insight is the Future of Business Intelligence

Lean Decision Intelligence (LDI) is an AI-powered, user-collaborative approach that merges lean methodology with cutting-edge decision science.

This produces a dynamic, action-oriented insight engine designed for rapid, impactful business decisions.

LDI filters actionable data to its most valuable core, ensuring that every action taken is both timely and effective.

Key Components:

  1. User Collaboration: The action plans are co-constructed with the user, marrying human intuition with AI efficiency.

  2. Minimalism: Unnecessary data noise is filtered out, leaving only actionable and relevant insights.

  3. DeepDetect AI: This automates the discovery of actionable insights and ensures that only the most crucial data points are considered.

  4. DeepRoot AI: Takes those insights one step further by identifying root causes and suggesting more sustainable solutions.

  5. Multi-dimensional Analytics: A comprehensive approach to complex issues, offering a 360-degree view for decision-making.


  1. Risk Mitigation: Instant identification and prioritization of threats, with user-involved, AI-generated action plans.

  2. Opportunity Maximization: Uncovers avenues for growth and co-creates data-driven strategies to capitalize on them.

  3. Resource Allocation: Utilizes real-time data and user input to allocate resources most efficiently.


  1. Speed: Quick data processing and decision-making are made possible by automated analytics.
  2. Efficiency: The user-involved process achieves more with less, reducing the labor hours typically needed for data analytics and decision-making.
  3. Effectiveness: The co-constructed action plans and valuable insights lead to more successful decision-making.
  4. Adaptability: Built for an ever-changing landscape, enabling quick pivots based on real-time data.

How It Works:

  1. Data Collection: Multiple data sources are tapped to provide a rich dataset.

  2. AI-Powered Analysis: DeepDetect and DeepRoot AIs sift through the data, identifying what’s actionable.

  3. User Collaboration: At this stage, users collaborate to fine-tune the insights and co-construct action plans.

  4. Filtering: The Super-Prioritization algorithm filters these co-constructed insights based on impact and feasibility.

  5. Action Plans: User-involved, automated action plans are formulated.

  6. Implementation: These plans are executed, monitored for efficacy, and adjusted as needed for optimal results.

Lean Decision Intelligence is not merely a toolkit but a philosophy that champions action, minimalism, and continuous improvement, all while incorporating the invaluable human element in the decision-making process.


Reactive Insight Unique Capabilities

Full Automated Insight Detection

Unveils hidden opportunities without any manual analysis. Get smarter, targeted results tailored to each manager's unique needs.

Tailor-Made Explanations for Every Manager

Offers role-specific insights through adaptable Generative AI, while eXplainable AI ensures transparency in decision-making.


Continuous Learning Promotion

Evolves based on new data (by online personal coaching using Generative Artificial Intelligence), leaving static builds in the past.


Actions Prescriptions

Offers precise action recommendations based on your data (from Root Cause investigation to Action ideation)

Turn Your Data into Profits—Action This Day!

“Don’t just adapt to change—lead it. Get started with InsightActs today.”


Beyond Data: AI Solutions Tailored to Boost Your Bottom Line

At Aldecis, we go a step beyond merely presenting data – our AI solutions prescribe profit-maximizing actions (based on Finance market solution and Lean Management). Our bespoke solutions are designed to improve your profitability by:

  • AI Solutions (ML ops, LLM ops)
  • Mixing Management finance, Market finance & Lean management
  • Disruptive Data Driven Forecasting
  • Identifying Cost Savings
  • Multi-layers financial analysis
  • Automating Insights Discovery
  • Innovative Finance Data Vizualization

Aldecis : Align Decisions,

Insights into Actions

Since the beginning of this century, Aldecis has been a guiding light in the realm of business intelligence, deploying groundbreaking decision-making tools for top-tier clients across industries. 
We specialize in addressing the persistent challenges of BI – fragmented data, exhaustive manual reporting, basic visualizations, and unpredictable forecasts – using the latest in AI advancements.
At Aldecis, we tailor AI solutions that capitalize on your data’s full potential, optimizing decisions and supercharging performance (including VRAM hardware optimization for massively parallel computing).
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