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    Metros: The closest metro stations are Bastille (lines 1, 5, 8), Breguet-Sabin (line 5), and Saint Ambroise (line 9). These offer convenient public transport access to the location.

    RER: Nearby RER (Regional Express Network) stations include Gare de Lyon (lines A, D) and Gare d’Austerlitz (line C). These stations provide further access to the broader Paris region and beyond.

    Paid Parking: Paid parking is available for all vehicles with a maximum height of 1.80 meters. This parking can be found at the Hotel Ibis Accor located at 12 rue Froment or at the corner of 15 rue Breguet.

    Velib: A Velib bike-sharing station is available at 18 rue Breguet. The departure point for these bikes is at 9 rue Froment.

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